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Why Buy LED?

Why Buy LED?

Why Buy LED's?

Light Emitting Diodes(LED's) represent a revolution in lighting efficiency and output that provides an opportunity to improve the built environment and save energy.  LED retrofit lamps are readily available from us for most incandescent or fluorescent lighting bases, see our Bases Section to identify your base type to be replaced.       
The History of LED
Since 1960, Dr Nick Holonyak of General Electric was developing an unusual material – GaAsp, as a route to wide band gap tunnel diodes.
In 1907, the Englishman Henry Joseph Round had discovered Electroluminescence, by which materials can light up when electricity applied.
In 1961, first modern LED was invented by Bob Biard and Gary Pittman, which was discovered by ‘accident’ while they were trying to  make a laser diode, during the GaAs test.
During the following year, Mr Nick Holonyack Jr. developed the red LED.  Till 1979, the coloured LEDs were developed. During this period, a Franch Thomas P. Pearsall developed special high brightness LEDs for fiber use.

The Benefits of Using LEDs Lighting

  1. Lower Carbon emissions: LED lighting is a fast growing technology which has significant benefits for  the environment, to reduce electrical consumption, CO2 footprint and energy spend.
  2. High Efficiency: compared to traditional lighting, LEDs have higher Lumens per Watt. 
  3. Long Lifetime: most of our LEDs have 35,000-50,000 lifetime cycles.